dis poem will not burn babylon

dis poem will not say anything new.
dis poem is a copy of dis poem.

dis poem will not be recited by cops or politicians.
priest and burocrats shall not know dis poem.
dem shall know dem poem.

dis poem shall call his names.
dis poem calls sterling, gibson, murakami and borges.

dis poem shall call his cities.
dis poem lives in tokyo, new york, santiago and viena.

dis poem shall call his times.
dis poem is a word in 1945, 1968, 2666 and 1906.

dis poem will not change things.
dis poem will change itself.
dis poem shall change notself.

dis poem is for writing, not reading.
dis poem is not among the week most reading.

dis poem will burn time.
shall burn autumn and tomorrow. shall burn now.
shall burn maybe.

dis poem will cut itself. paste itself. paint itself.
dis poem is a copy of a copy since the cave.

dis poem is from google. from dem. to dem.
dis poem is from wiki. from i and i. for us.

you are watching dis poem trying to make sense of you.
dis poem is watching you trying to make sense of dis poem.

dis poem is you and i, and we and not dem.
dis poem is 1682 bits long.

dis poem is not alone. dis poem is a legion.
dis poem is a cut in dis time. is a cut of all dis poems.

dis poem is an hex. dis poem is a bless.
dis poem is an ask. a rewind. a set and displace.

dis poem will not burn babylon.
dis poem will not burn zion.

dis poem shall burn all dis poems.
and in dis poem smoke you can read dis poem.

dis poem shall not be dust. dis poem shall flight.
and dis ashes shall write dis poem again and again.

dis poem shall disappoint you because...
dis poem is to be.


Liev said...

het branden van de bevroren ratten van Rusland te houden ons warm

Kid_Nap! said...

ratten warme beter dan Napolean leger lijken

F said...

dis blog will not be updated
dis blog not say anything new

Anonymous said...