as we said like 3 years ago

lo dije el 06 de junio:"Fisrt point, open acces: there’s no (easy) open access in science. To read a paper, I have to pay to somebody or be at some special place like a university. Or look at google for the authors and hope that they have a preprint (boring)."

despues el 30:"we dont need the journals. let’s make a wikidata, where you can post anonymously. We just need some Phd students that hack their labs, lol."

y hace 4 dias mi gran amigo propone cambiar el auto:"Maybe it’s time to stop tinkering with the engine and buy a new car; or, alternatively, shove some more gas in the tank, stop whining and just get on with it."

lo comico es decirlo auspicados por nature.

Yo propongo comprar una wikicleta

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